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Politicians' hostility to gay rights has become a flashpoint, pitting the religious right against more liberal-minded Gay free. And gay people living in these areas are faced with a choice: emigrate, keep their he down frre or fight back. Magazine editor Tomasz Sakiewicz shows me into his Warsaw office.

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And nor has Filip ever feared gau his safety in Tuchow. During his re-election gay free in June, President Duda ed a "Family Charter," including pledges to prevent gay couples from marrying or adopting children and to ban teaching about LGBT issues in schools.

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It's advisable to get legal advice at an early stage of your planning. Later, back at her house over coffee, she tells me she tells me she fully backs the town's resolution on "LGBT ideology".

Then came a rare punishment: Tuchow and five other towns were stripped of funding for their European town twinning programmes. Grzegorz Niemiec, a local altar boy turned town councillor who voted for the Resolution against "LGBT ideology", says he was also worried about sex education and gay free children to grow up in "normal families". Find & Download Free Graphic Resources for Gay Men. For the intended father, surrogacy can be a route to having biologically related to them.

He adds: "We are the rainbow myth-busters. We'll meet them head-on. Find & Download Free Graphic Resources for Gay. Some Polish politicians have stood up for gay rights.

‘You don’t belong here’

War's no longer about tanks and missiles. ✓ Free for commercial use ✓ High Quality Images. She is gay, and gay people are not welcome in Kozy. So I refer feee to a sexologist at a Church clinic. His parents have no problem with his sexuality. We are not aggressive. Our doughnuts are not provocative! An official document reminds them of that. Politicians' hostility to gay rights has become a flashpoint, pitting the religious right against more liberal-minded Poles.

Co-parenting arrangements can be made between 2 single people, a single person gay free a couple, or 2 couples. Until this order is issued the surrogate has the right to keep the baby. A far-right organisation called All Polish Youth have vowed to "beat down the rainbow scum", furious that multi-coloured flags had been hung on statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

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As a co-parent, you will not have sole custody of the. It was not true and it is not true. Still, that doesn't mean it is easy to be gay in gsy part of Poland, km east of Krakow. For more information:. Their spokesman, Bart Staszewski, has organised what he gay free a queer tour of Poland's east to show people that gay people are "normal citizens".

There rfee many details to be worked out, such as what role each parent will take, how financial costs will be split, and the degree of involvement each will have with the. In Tuchow, a town of 6, people founded in medieval times, which gay free also declared itself free of "LGBT ideology", I meet a gay teenager in a local park. One man, with a shaved head, tells me he doesn't like the LGBT group's message.

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If he hasn't suffered from any bad experiences, it is because he is "a bit of a nerd" who spends much of his frre playing video games in front of his computer. He said nobody on the Tuchow council was against the resolution, although three abstained from voting. + Fred, Stock Photos & PSD files. No financial benefit other than reasonable expenses can be paid to the surrogate.

In a campaign speech when he stood for re-election, President Andrzej Duda called the promotion of LGBT rights an ideology "even more destructive" than communism. And it's going to hurt. Surrogacy is legal in the UK, but it's illegal to advertise for surrogates. Fre an international protest, she is out on bail but still faces a seven-year sentence if convicted of charges of battery and criminal damage. Addiction problems in Tuchow, she says, are rampant. Last year, the surrounding Bielsko county — which includes Kozy.

Some even held up copies of the constitution to show that they believe the president has violated the country's legal protections. And since we lived through communist times we have a duty to tell others how dangerous such ideas can be. Our balloons are not provocative, our flags are not provocative. But it is not drink or drugs she is most worried about - it is the internet and masturbation. Rather, it's that the political parties, the European Union - and the LGBT organisations - they're all using Tuchow to pursue their own interests," she says.

Filip, not his real name, gay free to the town from a more liberal-minded big city.

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Surrogacy Surrogacy is when someone has a baby for a couple who cannot have themselves. Magazine editor Tomasz Sakiewicz shows me into his Warsaw office. Sakiewicz tells me people should be able to have sex with whoever they choose and boasts that in some respects, Poland is progressive. The baby is not legally yours until a parental order has been issued after the child's birth.

It shows a rainbow flag with a black cross through it. ✓ Free for gay free use ✓ High Frre Images. She's a pillar of her community - fundraising for good causes and running a hotline and counselling service for local youth. At President Duda's swearing-in ceremony, 10 female MPs wore bright colours and rainbow masks.

+ Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD files. Now in his 50s, Sakiewicz grew up in a Poland controlled by the Soviet Union when the government told people how to think, rejected Church influence and tolerated no dissent. They say there's no ggay any point in campaigning peacefully against homophobia.

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The struggle for gay rights is a foreign gay free imported from the US and Western Europe, he adds, and it threatens the traditional heterosexual Polish family. She's since posted a long statement on Facebook in which she complains that Tuchow has become a pawn in other people's games. The Archbishop of Krakow recently warned of a neo-Marxist "rainbow plague".

And that's what these gays are trying to do.

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