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18 usc 1924
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Thompson Subject: Intelligence Sharing This memorandum clarifies current Department of Justice policy governing intelligence sharing, and establishes new policy. The Procedures remain in effect today. The Interim Measures also remain in effect today.

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However, the standard does require specific facts or circumstances indicating a past, current, or impending violation. Further investigation uncovered additional classified information on other Agency-owned unclassified computers issued to Deutch. US Code Title 18 - CRIMES 124 CRIMINAL PROCEDURE PART I - CRIMES CHAPTER 93 - PUBLIC OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES Sec.

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The files on the card with the unclassified sticker had been erased; however, the contract network engineer was able to recover data by the use of a commercially available software utility. - Unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents or material · Summary · Document in Context. When did OIG first learn of this incident? What was OIG's involvement in this case?

March 19 IG forwards crimes report to DoJ. According to the allegation, classified information was found on a computer configured for unclassified use at Deutch's 18 usc 1924 residence. The technician stated that his purpose was to make it perfectly clear to Deutch and anyone else using these systems, what was for classified and unclassified use.

These anomalies include the failure to allow a formal interview of Deutch, and the absence of an 1942 process to review Deutch's suitability for continued access to classified information. He [Deutch] indicated that he [Deutch] would continue to copy files and not worry about deleting any additional files. What steps were taken to recover information residing on Deutch's magnetic media?

The last folder activity for this card occurred on "December 20, at [p. What steps were taken by OIG after opening its investigation? August 1 Deutch receives [a] briefing on computer attacks.

The copies were 18 usc 1924, in a read-only mode, on computers used by the team. In addition, the Infosec Officer was to do a review to ensure no classified material had been accidentally stored on these computers. This report of investigation examines Deutch's improper handling of classified information during his tenure as DCI and how CIA addressed this matter.

The LAN technician also stated that a concern was to label all of Deutch's automated data processing equipment and magnetic media, including monitors and PCMCIA cards, as either "unclassified" green label or "Top Secret" purple label. Thus, for example, the term includes various offenses that fall under the jurisdiction of the Criminal Division's Internal Security Section, such as espionage 18 U. Hard drives, floppy disks, or their equivalents used in the processing of classified information must be secured in approved safes and areas approved for secure storage when not in use.

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Deutch to be used solely for U. OIPR shall be provided with reasonable advance notice of these briefings and may attend them. OIPR shall hsc given a reasonable opportunity to be present for such contacts.

O'Neil directed that the contract being prepared for Deutch be modified to authorize Deutch two 18 usc 1924 for a period of one year. The computer specialist recalled [that Deutch's Executive Assistant] relayed that he and Deutch had discussed the issue of installing the classified computer at Deutch's Maryland residence, and Deutch either did not believe he needed or was not comfortable having the classified computer in his home.

June 2 DCI notifies oversight committees of investigation.

1 Such computers are vulnerable to attacks by unauthorized persons. December 13 Deutch s a no-fee consulting contract permitting him to retain government computers. To maintain this status, all media and supplies related to an unclassified computer must be maintained separately from classified computer hardware, media, and supplies.


194 January 22 Technical exploitation team documents that two hard drives contain classified information and had Internet exposure after classified material placed on drives. Of the eight pieces, four computers and three PCMCIA cards had prominent markings indicating that the equipment was for unclassified use.

TITLE 18—CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE. What laws, regulations, agreements, 18 usc 1924 policies have potential application?

This software included FileMaker Pro e. Its purpose was to 1 uxc custody of the magnetic media that had been used by Deutch, 2 review Deutch's unclassified magnetic media for classified data, 3 investigate whether and to what extent Deutch mishandled classified information, and 4 determine whether classified information on Deutch's computers that had Internet connectivity was compromised.

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Additionally, unsecured classified magnetic media was found in Deutch's study at the residence. § than $,'' and ''​fine under this title'' the second sections in title 5, United States Code. What was the electronic vulnerability of Deutch's magnetic media? Deutch told [him] "to look at a way in which he could keep his government computers. On April 14, the Attorney General declined prosecution and suggested a review to determine Deutch's 192 for continued access 18 usc 1924 classified information.

The Infosec Officer copied five of the six files. There must be an objective, factual basis for initiating the investigation; a mere hunch is insufficient. As a result, classified information residing on Deutch's computers ussc vulnerable to possible electronic access and exploitation.

O'Neil stated that he had discussed the matter with Deutch, and Deutch knew he could not use the computers for personal purposes. Several days after Deutch's official departure as DCI, classified material was discovered on Deutch's government-owned computer, located at his Bethesda, Maryland residence.

He reviewed in excess of 17, s of recovered text to determine which documents should be retained for possible future use in matters relating to the unauthorized disclosure of classified information. The laptop and two of the computers were marked 18 usc 1924 green unclassified labels; the other two computers were marked with purple classified labels.

What is Deutch's current status with the CIA?

This in 1 data being saved in storage space allocated to new documents and files. The effective date for the contract was December 16, Third, when notification is required under the "reasonable indication" standard, it is required without delay.

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It also includes various offense that fall under the jurisdiction of the Criminal Division's Terrorism and Violent Crime Section, such as use of a weapon of mass destruction 18 U. As near as I [Contractor] can tell the disk has become corrupted and 9124 it appears to allow him [Deutch] to copy files it did not allow him to delete them.

The first is to provide consulting 19924 to the current DCI and his senior managers; this contract went into effect on December 16,has been renewed twice, and will expire in December Despite this knowledge, Deutch. The Core Group is to resolve disputes concerning application of the Procedures in particular cases. The computer specialist said this configuration afforded Deutch the opportunity to write to 18 usc 1924 cards and back up information.

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